About Books from Scotland

At Books from Scotland, we feel that we are best representing the literature of Scotland when we are most effectively engaging people in those ideas and stories, in the diversity of landscapes, characters, themes and voices which have grown out of, or been influenced by, these shores. Scotland has a long, illustrious history of originating creative thought, and we believe the conversation is well served by the books which come out of this country.
We carefully curate and select a wide range of titles, books either published in Scotland, of Scottish interest, or written by a writer with Scottish connections, to give you a flavour of what’s around, what’s new, and what’s worth reading from the classics.


Originally set up in 2005 to showcase and sell books, our site no longer sells directly to customers but features links to selected retailers and libraries so you can buy the books from your preferred retailer.

Owned by Publishing Scotland (the network, trade and development membership organisation which represents the publishing industry), the site shares the ethos of our parent company – that of promoting and championing the work of Scottish publishers and writers, particularly independent publishers. We welcome your suggestions of new books to feature but we reserve the right not to feature titles that we think won’t fit with the site.

Based in Edinburgh, we’re a small, friendly team dedicated to helping you discover new titles and would welcome your calls and feedback on any aspect of the site. Our goal is to provide an ever-evolving resource of content and the best in Scottish books. If you have a title you would like us to consider for inclusion, or for any other queries, please email or fill in our contact form.

Publishing Scotland is part-funded by Creative Scotland.