It's the season of summer breaks, festivals, and holiday reads – and do we have some good ones for you! In this issue of BooksfromScotland, we have an outstanding array of the best fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to hit your shelves over the warm summer months. So sit back, relax, and press play.

Grayson Perry is one of the Britain’s most celebrated and beloved artists. In this remarkable new book, you can find the largest ever retrospective of his work including never-before-seen new and unpublished works. Catch a glimpse of just some of the wonders exclusively here at BooksfromScotland!


Grayson Perry: Smash Hits By Grayson Perry, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Patrick Elliot and Tor Scott Published by National Galleries of Scotland




Even in summer, in Edinburgh you’re never far from a downpour. So it’s a good thing we have Mike MacEacheran on hand to help us out with a list of the best ways to spend a rainy day in Auld Reekie! Read on for just a few suggestions on how best to combat the capital’s unpredictable weather.


Rainy Day Edinburgh By Mike MacEacheran Published by Quadrille



Densely packed with galleries, museums and world-class institutions, but also crowned by a skyline dominated by steampunk spires, steeples and the crags of a 340-million-year-old volcanic plug, Edinburgh is extraordinary whether you’re a first-timer or back for an extra helping. The setting itself is riddle-like, with a subterranean underbelly of webbed alleys and cobblestoned closes that zigzag through the Old Town like a giant game of snakes and ladders. Explore the wider cityscape ...



The Cat Prince & Other Poems click

The Cat Prince & Other Poems

‘Little carnivals of the imagination. I love spotting them, sneaky & incongruous, catching the eye of their mystic jockeys —hauling us together’


So Many Lives and All of Them are Yours: A Q&A with Ron Butlin click

So Many Lives and All of Them are Yours: A Q&A with Ron Butlin

‘Music helps me keep my life on track. It teaches me how to structure my work, to develop form and narrative. Above all, how to make every word count and to keep it true.’


Little Black Dress click

Little Black Dress

‘The little black dress has become a constant in modern fashion’s complex histories. Its simple form offers a dark mirror in which contemporary debates around beauty, identity and culture find reflectio …


The Black Eden: A Q&A with Richard T. Kelly click

The Black Eden: A Q&A with Richard T. Kelly

‘What I love about real-life historical-political subject matter is that it’s full of dilemmas – situations where people have to confront a really tough, conflicting choice between options, where ther …


David Robinson interviews John Lister-Kaye click

David Robinson interviews John Lister-Kaye

‘In Footprints in the Woods, he writes at length about stillness. We can’t do anything about our scent, he says, but animals know that humans are loud and move about, so if we don’t act like that we c …


Spectacular Scottish Women click

Spectacular Scottish Women

‘Scotland is finally recognising Rose as a pioneer in women’s football. In 2007, she was inducted into the Scottish Sport Hall of Fame and was also the first female player inducted into the Scottish F …


Magnaccioni click


‘Food is my constant life adventure. Between lovers and within family, it is interplay, bonding, enjoying the sweetness of familiarity brought by years.’


From Our Own Fire click

From Our Own Fire

‘Friend, you have begun your journey into a vast and lonely space. Life is abundant. But intelligent life is rare. Your wanderings will be long. Travel quietly. The universe is an empty, and dangerous …


Across the Silent Sea click

Across the Silent Sea

‘I’m losing my way, forgetting how to do things for myself. Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to even stare into space.’


Fayne click


‘My tutor opened for me daily the Book of Life and bid me peruse where I would in pursuit, not so much of answers – for answers are abundant as drones in a hive – but Questions. A good Question is the …


The Bay click

The Bay

‘He bristled with anger. There was a time in his career when he could walk into the accountancy office and say something, and it was as solid and serious as if it were carved in stone. Now, despite al …


Spec Fic for Newbies click

Spec Fic for Newbies

‘The latter half of the twentieth century began to see the dominance of women writers in the dystopian mode, something that should not surprise anyone, and that ascendency continues today.’